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Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader, Music For the Body Classes

Music is far more powerful than most people realize.

For centuries, people have recognized the incredible power of using music for healing. Today, more people are using healing music for both physical and emotional problems.

Music is being used in hospitals and health care facilities as a therapy tool. Physicians and medical studies have shown the many varied uses of music and sound for health and wellness; mentally, physically and emotionally. Music does what nothing else can. The importance of music in our lives is found in the fact that, more than almost any other healing modality, it has the potential to greatly raise our life's energy: the natural power for healing that exists in all of us. Everyone is capable of using music to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them.

Relieve stress and boost your energy with music. Adagio encourages the important use of music for health, stress relief, relaxation, energy boosting and well-being. Dr. Applegate is known for her work with Music For the Body, Energy Balancing and The Power of Music for Health. She is passionate about helping people to use music for health and wellness. 

View our other pages for more information and means to contact Dr. Applegate so that you too can begin enjoying the healing qualities of music and start improving your health and wellness. 
“Relaxation, De-Stressing, Healing, Learning and so much more. 
The benefits of doing this class are endless. 
You learn how to help your body tune to music and heal itself. 
Join Us.”
Kathy F.
“After only one class my energy was so much better and I felt alive again."
"I am always looking for innovative programs to enhance the lifestyle of our residents. 
Music For The Body is a program that fills the niche of innovative programming
 and is versatile in reaching all levels of participants."
Jeanne Griffith
Activities Director for 55+ Communities in SC